Refund Policy
Our Refund Policy

It is the policy of Birch Medical & Wellness that payment is due at the time of service unless other financial arrangements are made in advance and approved by management. Since we do not accept insurance at this time, it is our goal that when you leave the clinic your account is settled and no balance is due to either party.

If an overpayment is made, we will review your account. Once a refund is approved, we will promptly contact you. We will then initiate a credit to the card used at the time of service or by check. We do not keep cash on hand and do not issue reimbursement in that manner. If the adjustment is made to your credit card, it can take up to 7-10 days for your funds to clear, depending on your card issuer’s policies.


If you have any further questions regarding your payment for services received, please contact our office at 682-688-5989.

Thank you.

1400 Hospital Parkway Suite 200,
Bedford, TX 76022
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