Natural Rejuvenation

Rejuvenate Naturally

Birch Medical & Wellness is a provider of natural treatments that can lift, fill, and smooth the face. 

Nonsurgical Facial Rejuvenation

  • Natural Serum Facial — Create a beautiful glow and rejuvenate your skin with microneedling and a topical dose of natural serum.
  • Natural Serum Injections — Restore and plump with natural serum injections. Popular areas to rejuvenate include the folds between the nose and mouth, cheeks, and under-eye area.
  • Natural Serum  Facelift — Lift, fill, and smooth with hyaluronic acid filler from the Allergan line of fillers and natural serum.
  • Natural Serum Facial Plus — A combination of the Natural Serum Facial and Natural Serum  Facelift.
Why try PRP?
PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) naturally stimulates collagen production and regenerates tissue, providing a range of possible aesthetic and wellness benefits and uses, such as:
  • Facial Filler  — PRP can be used as a natural alternative to fillers or as a way to enhance and extend the life of fillers. This is recommended for someone looking to: 
    • Softly enhance the lips 
    • Smooth the under eye and tear trough area 
    • Add subtle volume to the cheeks 
    • Soften the nasal labial folds (area between nose and mouth)
    • Diminish fine lines and wrinkles repair
  • Hair Restoration — PRP can be used to promote hair regrowth in male pattern baldness and in men and women with thinning hair. This is recommended for someone looking to:
    • Reverse hair loss (androgenic alopecia, stress loss, or thinning hair)
  • Skin — PRP can be used used to improve skin texture, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and provide firmer, more youthful skin. PRP can also be applied topically after microneedling to the enhance results. This is recommended for someone looking to: 
    • Reduce the appearance of acne, injury, or surgery scars
    • Reduce skin hyperpigmentation or skin discoloration
  • Sexual Wellness — The O Shot® for women and P Shot® men aim to improve pleasure, libido, and more. This is recommended for: 
    • Women who want to increase their libido and pleasure and are interested in vaginal rejuvenation
    • Men who are interested in increasing their sexual function and performance 
What to expect during and after your appointment
PRP appointments typically take about an hour. Birch Medical & Wellness customizes its PRP treatments to each patient. After arriving, you can expect:
  • A pleasant check-in experience

  • A consultation with your provider to discuss your goals, treatment plan, and any questions or concerns

  • Numbing cream application and additional comfort options

  • Blood draw

  • 10 to 20 minutes of downtime while your PRP is being processed

  • Injections and/or microneedling with your provider

After your treatment, please plan to have at least 24 hours of downtime as you may have some puffiness or slight swelling, bruising or pinpoint bleeding and experience mild discomfort at the injection site or surrounding tissue.

Expect to see improvements in skin texture and complexion beginning 2 to 3 weeks following a PRP treatment with more noticeable changes visible after 4 to 6 weeks. Results will vary for each individual.
How long does PRP last?

The length of time PRP benefits last is highly dependent on the individual and their lifestyle habits such as sun exposure, nutrition, and alcohol intake. The natural aging process should also be taken into consideration when determining expected results.

For skin treatments, expect effects to last about six months to a year. With the Vampire FaceLift®, effects may last up to two years due to the addition of hyaluronic filler.

For hair loss, frequent treatments are recommended to maintain hair growth.
  • A total of six treatments are recommended in the first year: 
    • Monthly sessions are recommended for the first three months (months one, two, and three)
    • After the third monthly treatment, sessions are recommended every three months (months 6, 9, and 12) 
  • Additional treatments are recommended every 12 months to maintain the effect.
What is PRP?
Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is a substance derived from a patient’s blood that has been processed to increase platelet concentration. Platelets contain proteins known as growth factors that promote tissue repair, cell growth, and collagen production. By increasing platelet concentration and delivering it to the treatment area, PRP aims to improve healing and rejuvenation.

In order to obtain these platelets, a blood sample is collected and centrifuged to separate the plasma from other blood components. Since PRP is a natural therapy derived from one's own blood, it is not considered a drug and there is almost no possibility of side effects or allergic reactions. *PRP is considered an experimental or speculative therapy and is not an FDA-approved treatment for aesthetic purposes. The FDA has officially approved PRP for use in bone grafts and non healing diabetic ulcers. All equipment used in the PRP treatment process at Birch Medical & Wellness is FDA-cleared.

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