Lip Flip | Creating the Illusion of a Fuller Upper Lip

Watch the video | Birch Medical & Wellness nurse practitioner Petra Adams, RN, AGACNP – BC, performs the lip flip.

What is a lip flip?

A lip flip is a simple procedure that gives the top lip a natural, fuller appearance. A small amount of neurotoxin, such as Botox, is injected into the muscle above the upper lip resulting in a lip that flips slightly outward and has a fuller appearance.

Who should get a lip flip?

A lip flip is ideal for someone who is interested in enhancing lip size and giving the illusion of a bigger upper lip but may not yet be ready for lip filler. Patients who have some volume on their upper lip but feel that they have a gummy smile or a lip that turns inward when they smile maybe interested in a lip flip. A lip flip may also be performed as a complement to filler. How long does it take to see the results of a lip flip procedure? Results are usually seen within five to six days with full results typically appearing within two weeks.

How long does a lip flip last?

The benefits of this procedure usually last for about eight weeks. This is less time than other Botox treatment areas because the muscle being treated is a high-activity muscle that is used for eating and speaking.

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